Saturday, September 20, 2008

Separation Anxiety

Lately Marley has become rather clingy. The appropriate term would be "separation anxiety". An important developmental milestone that usually develops at 6-7 months of age- it basically means that she needs to see me or Jason at all times.

It began over a week ago when my mom was babysitting. She called me concerned that Marley was constipated (because my usual pooper hadn't pooped yet that day). Marley was inconsolable so I rushed back to my mom's house. Poor baby, there she was lying on a balnket, my mom rubbing her tummy. Big tears were streaming down her cheeks. She was misearble. I picked her up, kissed her wet face and the crying stopped. Within a few minutes she was back to her usual babbling self.

She has also started to hate her stroller. If she can't see me (which she can't because I'm pushing her), she screams. When friends come to visit and hold her, she cries if she can't see me. She'll push out her lower lip and her whining will quickly turn into wails. I usually have to get right in her face and reassure her that she is okay.

I know that this is a normal phase for her to be in and that once she understands object permanence she'll know that just because she can't see Mommy and Daddy doesn't mean we're not there. I admit that I kind of enjoy this phase. It makes me feel very wanted, special and needed. Now that the colic is over, I'm really enjoying Marley's company. She is so much more engaged, so much more willing to play.

For now, I am going to enjoy her that I am her favorite person. She is so cuddly and snugly. I'm sure before I know it I'll hardly be able to hold onto her as she increasingly becomes aware of this interesting world.

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I can't wait to meet her!