Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let's rock...and roll

In an effort to not seem completely morose I think I should mention some of the highlights with Marley since her our horrible experience with her cardiac cath.

1. Marley is rolling. She's a rolling fool. When she first learned, it seemed like it was the only thing she wanted to do. Now that she has accomplished rolling we can move on to her next gross motor skill- moving from a lying to a sitting position.
2. Marley is growing! In the last 4 months she has grown 2 inches and her head circumference has grown too. She is still holding steady at 17 lbs but that's okay. I almost feel like her body is slowly turning into that of a toddler's. She's leaner, longer- all that rolling and twisting is given my chunky, little baby some sweet abs.
3. Marley now has 4 teeth. Sharp, little, gorgeous teeth. She loves to grind them together and flash them when she makes her happy grins- and she makes lots of them!
4. Marley is giggling a lot- and at totally random times. A year ago as we were emerging from 4 months of hellish colic I could never have imagined I would one day have a giggly baby. She has the sweetest chuckle I have ever heard.

So all in all, doing pretty well. We've also had to deal with impetigo, pink eye, constipation, allergies and some unknown skin rash- but things all easy to deal with in comparison to her cardiac issues and seizure disorder. In August, Marley will need a sedated hearing test and MRI and I've promised myself it WILL be the last anesthesia for a long time. We also have a cardio follow up, neuro follow up, nutrition follow up, new neuro consult and ENT consult.