Monday, September 29, 2008

Feed this baby!

Today was the appointment I've been looking forward to for awhile- a visit to a registered dietitian to evaluate Marley's eating habits and devise a plan to deal with her slow weight gain and metabolic disorder.

First off, the RD did not think it is necessary to have Marley on a high calorie formula. She said that the special formula wouldn't increase Marley's height but just help her to pack on the pounds. She advised that we not continue with that particular formula as we might one day have a very short but overweight baby. So back to the regular formula- which is much cheaper too.

We talked at length about DOOR syndrome. I gave her the literature review that our geneticist cowrote which of course does not give any nutritional guidelines on how to manage the metabolic aspect of the disease. I asked her if it would be detrimental to Marley's health to raise her as a vegetarian and she said no. But she also didn't think that eating meat would hurt her.

I am inclined to withhold meat from her diet. I don't know. Something in me tells me that meat may be harmful. Maybe it's ridiculous to think that way. Is it mother's intuition? I feel that I could responsibly supplement her diet with protein alternatives such as eggs, tofu, beans and milk. I'd at least like to try.

Anyway, I think it was a productive meeting. She gave us a handout on solids to help guide us on which foods to give and when. Among my surprises for a 7 month old-  2 ozs of diluted juice, 4-6 tbsp of cereal, 2-4 tbsp of veggie or fruit at least 3 times a day, crackers, snacks. Yikes! It all seems so grown up. 6 months ago she was barely eating an ounce of breast milk or formula per feeding.

On a lighter note: Marley has become super playful lately. Her new favorite game is hanging upside down. She'll be sitting on my lap, sucking on her lower lip then throw her head back as if she's saying to me, "c'mon momma, let's play!" So I lower her backwards holding onto her arms and swing her between my legs. As I draw her back up she flashes me with one of her cute, goofy grins. A truly adorable "thank you!"

Melts my heart.

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