Friday, March 12, 2010

A clearer future

We are back home safe and sound after Marley's surgery on Tuesday, March 9th. Marley had her tonsils and adenoids removed and also had ear tubes inserted.

For awhile I doubted that the surgery would even take place. It took 3 months to schedule the surgery but 1 week beforehand, Marley came down with a cold. If her nasal congestion didn't clear up by surgery day, the procedure risked being cancelled. I pumped Marley full of fluid, antibiotics and nebulizer treatments and by Tuesday, she was almost better.

Anesthesia cleared her for surgery though did mention that Marley didn't have the "clearest lungs she had ever heard". I got to walk her back to the OR and be with her as she slipped into sleep. 40 minutes later she was out of surgery and transferred to the PACU. She evidently had some breathing issues in the PACU and her O2 sats dropped a few times. Coming out of anesthesia was rough and she has to be sedated a few times with Fentanyl. We were not allowed to see her at all during this time and the PACU nurses were very vague about her status. I'm guessing because they didn't want us to freak out. She was in the PACU for 3 hours and we were not able to see her until she arrived in the ICU.

Once we reached her bedside I got the full effect of how miserable she was. She certainly was "out of it" and she gave me one of the most pissed off looks I have ever received. Snot was everywhere and she was covered in wires and tubing. I wish I could've taken some pics but my phone had to be turned off the whole time we were at her bedside.

Tuesday was a very long day. Marley's pain was well managed by toradol and morphine and we introduced fluids very slowly. First water followed by soy milk. She slept well that night and I slept surprisingly well at her bedside. Marley was making a strong recovery and the ICU staffed hinted often that we would be "kicked out" to the general surgical floor when her bed was needed by a more critical patient. That is always good news to hear- that you have the most stable child in the ICU. But it also madw me sad for all the other babies. In the bed next to Marley was a baby who had brain or skull surgery. She cried a lot until her parents arrived and I wish I could've picked her up to comfort her in the meantime.

Wednesday morning we were discharged to go home. Home recovery has shown to be a little rougher than expected. Marley has gone from being happy and goofy one minute to being whiny and clingy the next. We have to stay on top of her pain management by alternating Tylenol and Motrin around the clock. Only today has she been interested in her sippy cup and I feel like I am constant battle with all the thick, yellow snot that pours forth from her nose. Yesterday, she spiked a low-grade fever and was absolutely miserable. The snot and fever are normal side effects of her surgery but suck nonetheless.

I have yet to appreciate the absence of Marley's adenoids and tonsils. I assume once recovery is complete she will overall be eating better, growing better and developing better than she use to. I feel like for once, I actually have something to look forward to.

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Krystle said...

Glad her surgery went well! I can't imagine getting vague answers, I'd be going psycho on someone. I'm sure you are used to surgery & such. While Peyton does have some issues, luckily we haven't been down that road yet.

Hoping her snotty nose clears up and her pain is gone soon.