Friday, February 12, 2010

Breathing Deep

And now we are battling RSV. I hoped to tell you that Marley's nasal congestion & cough was going away but that is not the case. Starting over the weekend the snot and the coughing really ramped up. We were up every few hours throughout the night to comfort Marley as she attempted to cough up one of her lungs. The coughing turned into gagging and dry heaving (now that's a weird thing to see your kid do) as well as daily vomiting.

On Wednesday I brought her to the pediatrician's office and she was diagnosed with RSV and an ear infection. We did an albuterol nebulizer treatment there and continued the treatments once we were home. Unfortunately, the albuterol didn't agree with Marley and she became irritable, hyper, tachycardic and inconsolable. I immediately discontinued the albuterol and thankfully Marley's coughing and congestion has slightly become better.

In other recent news, Marley got glasses! I will post a pic soon but they are great! She tolerates them really well and I've figured out how to attach them to her hearing aids so that she can't pull out and lose her aids. Her world has opened a lot and she is so much more alert and aware of the things around her.

We have almost transferred all of Marley's therapy to Kindering. We've got PT going and soon will start feeding therapy and work with an educator. We still have our hearing/speech therapist from Seattle Children's Hospital and we are finishing up the eye gaze study that we are doing with University of Washington.

Next up is Marley's surgery on March 9th to get her tonsils, adenoids and possibly ear tubes. I can actually say that I am looking forward to this surgery because I really believe that it will improve Marley's health. I'm hoping she'll swallow better, breath better, sleep better, eat better, get sick less often, gain weight and reduce her ear infections. I don't know, is that too much to ask?

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