Friday, December 19, 2008

Marley comes home!

We are now home!

And in much better spirits. We once again met with a cardiologist who clearly explained the situation (even drew us a diagram of the heart) and reassured us that Marley's conditions are rather mild on the spectrum of congenital heart disease. He reiterated that she should have a cardiac catherization in the next month or two as well as a catherization or heart surgery when she's older to repair the coarction of her aorta.

The lung scan performed today showed 40% perfusion to her left lung and 60% to her right lung. That indicates that there may be also an issue with her right pulmonary artery. The cardiologist recommends that when she has the catherization, the doctors in Seattle can better assess if there is an issue with the right side.

So all fixable conditions in due time. Yes, another issue to cross off the list but manageable. And fortunately, in Seattle we'll be living 2 blocks from the Children's Hospital.

For now we need to let Marley heal from her surgery and work on getting back onto a daily schedule. Here it is, 8:30pm and she is still awake. I expect the next few days will be a challenge just managing her pain and activity. Plus she now has diarrhea- most likely the result of the antibiotics she received during surgery.

But we are so glad to be home, and Marley is doing well. And that's what counts right now.


Jen said...

Sounds likes great news!

jennifer said...

I know you from MC and just wanted to say I hope Marley has a speedy recovery. All the best!!

Bubbie's Mom said...

I'm from over on the Nest (still can't call it the Bump eww). Anyway, I've been keeping up with how Marley has been doing and I just wanted to wish her a quick recovery. She's one tough cookie (as are you and your husband). :)

Annegirrl said...

I wish Marley the best in her recovery! I'm just a mostly lurking Nestie popping out to send you some heartfelt thoughts.

Cindy said...

You're the most amazing mom ever, from one of your nesties :)