Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Moving on

On Tuesday Marley had a VCUG test to test her bladder function. She cried a bit as they were inserting the catheter (but who hasn't?) but once it was in she was all smiles. The test took a mere 10 minutes and she even graced us with a huge poop during the procedure. 

Once the test was completed (and she passed with flying colors), I contacted her neurosurgeon's office to schedule her surgery to repair her tethered spinal cord. December 17th is the date and will only be delayed if there is a more serious case (like a brain tumor) that would take precedent.

It feels good to have finally have a surgery date. Finally we can cross off one of her "issues" off our to-do list.


Chris and Francisca Hakes said...

This is a neat blog you have started for Marley!

Anonymous said...

amanda - i read through the entire blog and it is so touching. i love all the updates and progress.

i look at you and your husband and think you have been through an amazing, incredible journey. marley is adorable! even with the up's and down's, keep your positive spirit :-)

Anonymous said...

oh... that last post was from:
Angela Bennett (your PFC patient/friend) :-)

i look forward to the upcoming updates!

lanie said...

I love her! I love her chunky little arms. She's just gorgeous.
I'm so glad you're keeping a blog of all her amazing progress and some of the scary setbacks.
:) Good luck Marley!

Tarah said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything was fine and she passed with flying colors.

I love this picture of her. I just think she is so cute and I want to squeeze her and kiss her all over!

Good luck little Marley!!

kelley said...

holey cute fat babyness